I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico on September 30, 1990. As a child I saw myself constantly forced to confront the death of people close to me, it impacted me. Exposed as well to wonderful things such as the sky and the mountains, I devoted my time to observe and investigate the world near to my house, as a child I started to manufacture inks with plants a  practice that has continued with the production of my own watercolors and bee-wax based paintings.

Despite the beauty of my beloved country, Mexico, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the current situation is scary. My own life and family, like many, has been touched by the claws of insecurity; through rape, murder and kidnapping which have caused great pain and a series of questions referred in my artwork. Recently an immense curiosity on blindness has led me to delve into the field of neuroscience, senses and perception.

In 2001 I won the international Pentel contest “The 30th International Children’s Art Exhibition”. I study a degree in Visual Arts. I have participated in over 29 exhibitions (collective and individual ), the XXXVI Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven (National Encounter of Young Art) [2016], UNO and ‘Por la libre’ [Gallery Monica Saucedo, Colima, 2014/2015] Pressure [La Grita, La Plata, Argentina, 2014], the 4th Biennial Enrique Guzman [2010 ] …